Privacy Protection Policy

Daihoku Ropeway and Lift Association 
This homepage is managed and administered by the Daihoku Ropeway and Lift Association governing the ski grounds of Kashimayari, Jiigatake, Hakuba Sanosaka, ABLE Hakuba Goryu, Hakuba47, Happo-One, HakubaIwatake, TsugaikeKogen, Hakuba Norikura, and Hakuba Cortina (hereinafter referred to as "our company"). Our company recognizes the significance of the personal information of our customers and handles it with the utmost care. Our company takes the following approaches to offer better goods and services. We protect customer personal information based on our Privacy Protection Policy.
Our company complies with the Law for the Protection of Computer-Processed Personal Data Held by Administrative Organs and other applicable laws and guidelines. 
【2】Corporate system
Our company formulates in-house regulations and necessary job-specific rules concerning the handling and system of personal information. Also, we reinforce our internal structure by assigning administrators to individual sections to ensure the protection of personal information.  
【3】Obtaining personal information
Our company specifies the purpose of use when we obtain personal information from a customer and uses such information to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose.  
【4】Use of personal information
Our company uses customer personal information only within the purpose of use and never uses it beyond the purpose. We may authorize business firms associated with the Daihoku Ropeway and Lift Association to use the information given by a customer. Customers who wish to block such use are welcome to request us to do so.   
【5】Restriction on information disclosure to a third party
Our company does not provide or disclose personal information to a third party unless we have obtained the consent of the customer involved or are required to do so by provisions of【4】or laws. 
【6】Correction, addition, or deletion of the content of disclosed personal information and suspension or removal of the information 
If a customer desires to confirm or correct his personal information we hold, we respond to such a request promptly to a reasonable and necessary extent. We may ask the customer to identify himself for formalities. Also, we will charge a fee for the disclosure. 
【7】Securing the accuracy 
Our company takes appropriate measures to keep customer personal information accurate and up to date. 
【8】Security measures
Our company manages customer personal information under strict control and takes necessary steps to prevent unlawful access, loss, destruction, alteration, and leak and puts all security measures in place.  
【9】In-house education 
Our company educates and trains all employees as to the privacy policy to ensure that they are familiar with the content of the policy. 
【10】Supervising the contractor
Our company may outsource the management of customer personal information to a third party to an appropriate extent for us to use it. We oblige the contractor to manage the information stringently and supervise it to ensure their compliance.  
【11】Continuous reexamination of corporate structure
Our company reexamines and improves our structure continuously to ensure a practical and suitable application of the personal information handling regulations in a sustainable manner. 
【12】Use of cookies
Cookies used on our homepage are limited to session cookies. The company does not use any cookie that tracks down user behavior. Therefore, we do not invade user privacy. 
Our homepage contains external linkages. We do not take responsibility for the protection of personal information on external websites. 
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