Terms of services

We offer networking services to our users according to the following regulations. 
We consider that users acknowledge the content of the regulations and rules of the Daihoku Ropeway and Lift Association  governing the ski grounds of Kashimayari, Jiigatake, Hakuba Sanosaka, ABLE Hakuba Goryu, Hakuba47, Happo-One, HakubaIwatake, TsugaikeKogen, Hakuba Norikura, and Hakuba Cortina when users access our services. 
Any of the regulations are subject to change as necessary.
Users are advised to read the latest Terms of Services stipulated on this page when seeking our services. 

1. About our company

"Our company" refers to the Daihoku Ropeway and Lift Association that manages the online lift ticket sales services and individual cableway companies, Snow Systems Corp.WEBIMPACT INC, and Ski Data Corp. that compose the council. 

2. About the services our company offers

Users need to access our Web pages to get our services. 
Also, users are required to secure the necessary equipment, software, and communication methods at their responsibility and cost and install and operate them appropriately. 
Our company plays no role in any preparations or methods for users to access our Web site. 
Our company is currently providing online lift ticket sale services that may be subject to various additions, changes, and deletions in the future. We allow users to access any services we extend. However, we do not guarantee any service content, the reliability of any services to be available, or any results of user access. 

3. Cancellation and refunds

Users shall purchase any of our products at their responsibility. The company shall not accept any request for the cancellation of any purchased products or refunds. 

4. Guarantee to our company

Users shall solve any claims and demands resulting from or associated with any content they transmit in the course of services, their connection of services, or any infringement of rights of a third party caused by them. Users shall do so at their cost and responsibility. Also, users shall bear the expenses and compensation, including attorney’s fees paid by our company, if our company takes any fees or pays for damages concerning such claims and demands. 

5. Change to service content

The company shall be able to change, suspend, or end any service content without notice to users when we judge it necessary. 
The company shall take no responsibility for users even if we change, suspend, or end any content of services. 
Nevertheless, the company shall provide alternative products for already sold commodities. 

6. The privacy policy

The company shall handle personal information as follows.
(1) "Personal information" refers to the name, sex, date of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and any other information proper to a user who uses our online sale services. 
(2) The company shall put the personal information of all users under strict control and employ the minimum workforce to protect the data. 
(3) The company shall not disclose, assign, or lend any personal information collected without the consent of a user to any third party. 
(4) The company may compile statistical data on our homepage access and our users and disclose them to a third party. Even in such a case, however, the company shall not disclose any information whatsoever that can be used to identify a specific person. 
(5) The company may send e-mail aimed for a service, a function, research, news, marketing, a content, and an event to users who take our services. Users who do not need such e-mail may block it by checking the non-subscription button. 

7. Information disclosure

The company may disclose personal information to a third party under the following circumstances. 
(1) The company has obtained the consent of the user involved.
(2) The company has received a judgment or order from a court to disclose information under the
Act on the Limitation of Liability for Damages of Specified Telecommunications Service Providers
and the Right to Demand Disclosure of Identification Information of the Senders (Act No. 137 dated
November 30, 2001) or received an official inquiry from the police or any other public organization
based on the Code of Criminal Procedure (Act No. 131 dated July 10, 2011) or any other laws
stipulating the authority of investigation. 
(3) Information disclosure is considered necessary to protect the rights, assets, and services of a third party or the company because a user violates any law or the Terms of Services concerning any items we offer, but obtaining the consent of the user is difficult. 
(4) Information disclosure is required urgently due to an imminent threat against the life, body, or assets of a person, but obtaining the consent of the person is difficult. 

8. No warranty

Users shall use our services at their responsibility. The company shall not guarantee any service content (including authenticity, accuracy, and no third-party rights infringement), accessibility, and the state of use whatsoever. The company shall not guarantee whatsoever (1) that any service will satisfy the user demand, (2) that no trouble, error, or fault will occur in the delivery of any service, (3) or that any product obtained through our services will satisfy user expectations. Even if a user obtains advice or information directly from our company or through our services, the company shall not offer any guarantee that goes beyond the provisions stipulated by the Terms of Services. The company gives such advice and information based on limited data provided by a user. Therefore, the company shall not guarantee the authenticity, relevancy, and accuracy of the advice and information. 

9. Limitation on the liability of our company 

Users shall agree that the company will not be held liable for any damages resulting from or associated with (1) their use of services or nonavailability of services, (2) any cost required for the replacement of any commodity traded with the company or any replacement of a service, (3) any unauthorized access or change to a message or data transmitted by a user, (4) any comment, transmission, or similar behavior by a third party in the course of services, (5) and any other matters related to services. 
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